Women’s Ministry

PLPH Church Vision

  • To develop mature, spiritual women to minister to our church and community.

PLPH Church Mission

  • “Engaging in the Struggle to Cultivate the Life You were born to Live” Jennie Lusko

PLPH Church Goals

  • To rebuild our Woman’s Ministry

Membership Structure

All women attending the PLPH church are encouraged to become a part of the Woman’s Ministry.  We expect all members to attend the church faithfully and support the church financially as well as in the PLPH Church Woman’s Ministry.

Woman’s Ministry Leadership and Activities

The PLPH Church Woman’s Ministry Board is comprised of the director, assistant director, secretary, treasurer and two regular members who are active within the women’s ministry.

The following offices are Director, Assistant Director, Secretary and Treasurer and will be in office for four (4) years.

  • The two regular members will rotate off every year and replaced with two other women within the ministry unless there are not enough members. These are volunteer position.
  • Roberts Rules of Order will be the order for meeting procedures.
  • In the event of a change in the treasurer’s position, the outgoing treasurer will be allowed forty-five days (45) to close the books. The newly vacated position will be appointed by the Director, however, if someone would like to volunteer it would be appreciated.  They must meet all the requirements of the ministry for the position.
  • The PLPH Church WM will participate in the NCIPHC WM annual conference evaluation system (Ignite Initiative) published by the General WM office, to include submission of an annual Vision Statement by the designated deadline.
  • The PLPH Church WM Board will maintain a good working relationship with the Deacon Board, Discipleship Director and Pastor, appraising them of future activities and events they are planning in the monthly Leadership meetings.
  • The PLPH Church WM Board will continue to promote the CPALS Program (formerly known as the Sharing Sister Program). As a ministry, we will develop guidelines to ensure more involvement and suggesting ideas for meaningful times of fellowship.
  • The PLPH Church WM will participate in the Happy Hearts Fellowship when possible. We will encourage older ladies within the church to also become a part of this fellowship which meets twice a year April and October.